People of Covent Garden

Welcome to the People of Covent Garden webpage. Here locals past and present are invited to add their memories of Covent garden. Whether you lived, worked or played in Covent Garden we'd love to read your memories!

Adding your memories is so simple to do, click on the 'Adding your Memories' icon on the right-hand-side of this page and follow the simple instructions. You can also add images, audio and even video clips!

We hope you enjoy sharing memories!

Page link: The Battle for Covent Garden Film
The Battle for Covent Garden Film
Original campaigners were interviewed to give their account of the battle for Covent Garden
Page link: TJ Poupart Ltd 1954
TJ Poupart Ltd 1954
Fruit Shipment from Western Australia
Page link:
"It's not what I live in, it's where I live"
The Memories of a 5th Generation Covent Garden Resident
Page link: Banana Art
Banana Art
Alternative Art in Covent Garden
Page link: Bernard O'Connor
Bernard O'Connor
'Really lovely days'
Page link: David Bieda
David Bieda
Making 'something else' happen in Covent Garden
Page link: Fiona White
Fiona White
A Walk in Covent Garden: Remembering the Neighbourhood
Page link: Harry
Three generations of Covent Garden market trading
Page link: Jenny Healey
Jenny Healey
A community worth fighting for
Page link: Jessica Skippon
Jessica Skippon
Campaigning, gardening, and scooting off to the theatre...
Page link: Jim Monahan
Jim Monahan
Revolution was in the Air
Page link: Joan & Margaret Andrews
Joan & Margaret Andrews
"It was a lovely place to live": growing up in Convent Garden
Page link: John Kent
John Kent
'This place was full of characters years ago'
Page link: Kate Rich (nee: Kennedy)
Kate Rich (nee: Kennedy)
Covent Garden: A place to live in
Page link: Kathy Pimlott
Kathy Pimlott
The Heart of Covent Garden
Page link: Lyn Baker
Lyn Baker
A Life Lived in Covent Garden
Page link: Noel Tobin
Noel Tobin
Planning Covent Garden
Page link: Robert Pimlott
Robert Pimlott
'We Were Spoilt': Memories from Robert Pimlott, the Community Gardener
Page link: Tom Cook
Tom Cook
Covent Garden: 'A place where people live'
Page link: Trofimena Ruocco Deufemia
Trofimena Ruocco Deufemia
'People travel to come here': Mena Remembers Growing Up in Covent Garden
Page link: East to West
East to West
part two The Bury to Bow St Police Station
Page link: Andy Parker
Andy Parker
Growing up in Covent Garden
Page link: Carla Ferris & Michael Rakena
Carla Ferris & Michael Rakena
Early morning pubs, kidneys and bananas
Page link: Charlotte Bangma
Charlotte Bangma
A feisty housewife
Page link: Harvey Gould
Harvey Gould
Covent Garden during the war
Page link: Jeremiah Abimelech Snodgrass
Jeremiah Abimelech Snodgrass
Fighting for his home
Page link: Mary Ward & Eileen Kelly
Mary Ward & Eileen Kelly
Sisters' personal memories of life in Covent Garden
Page link: Noel Tobin
Noel Tobin
The noises of Covent Garden
Page link: Ralph Gey
Ralph Gey
A dancer and a fighter
Page link: Terry Cooke
Terry Cooke
Doing business in the market