Andy Parker

Growing up in Covent Garden

By Anne Bransford

Photo:Traffic clogging up the streets of Covent Garden

Traffic clogging up the streets of Covent Garden

Westminster City Archives

Andy, 55, grew up in Covent Garden during the Market’s last few years there. He later got into the folksy, creative crowd of musicians and artists, joining a band living and playing in a squat on James Street. His family has been a part of Covent Garden since 1800 and has been involved in the saddle-making business since 1850 (his father was the Queen Mother’s saddler!). Andy recalls the lack of toilets and bathrooms in area residences; growing up with the children of immigrants whose parents spoke no English; the press building on Endell St that mysteriously burnt down. 

Image of pancake race on the Piazza in Covent Garden, 1980s. Copyright Covent Garden Community Association

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I used to visit the squat with Andy in 1978 and remember having to come out of one window onto the roof so we could scamper across the skyline to enter another window to use an unsavory toilet there haha. I remember a party there and I revelled in the company of the vibrant artists who lived there.

By Jane Oriel
On 14/03/2017
Your answer lifts the iningltleece of the debate.
By Gigel
On 14/03/2017

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