Adding Your Memories

Adding your memories, photos, audio or film to the site

By Camilla Bergman

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This site has been set up for the Covent Garden community (past and present) and we would love you to share your memories with us. You can add your words and photos instantly. Just register, and off you go!  You'll be guided through the process by simple on-screen instructions and it only takes a few minutes.

It's a great way to share your own stories, memories, photos and research with the rest of the world!

So what can I add?

  • a photo from the past of people and places in Covent Garden
  • a new photo of Covent Garden as it looks now
  • memories of Covent Garden e.g. school, the market, clubs, campaiging to save the garden, living here, working here, recreation (the list is endless)
  • information about some aspect of Covent Garden e.g. buildings, theatres, WW2 bombings, personalities

It's entirely up to you what you add. You may have a memory of an event you experienced or remember something that your family told you about. If you are unsure, browse the site to see what others have added. You can add a single photo or one paragraph of text, or even whole photo galleries.

It's so easy just follow the on-screen instructions

Once you have added your content to the site, our volunteer editors will check through it and then publish your work, this usually takes about a week. Once this is done an email will be sent to you to confirm your work is now online.

Terms and conditions

  • Text submitted to the site may be edited for the sake of clarity and readability
  • Images submitted to the site may be croped or digitally enhanced (for example to improve contrast)
  • Covent Garden Memories is under no obligation to publish any text or photos submitted on to the site
  • Covent Garden Memories may reject material on the grounds of copyright infringement, offensiveness or other legal considerations
  • Covent Garden Memories cannot accept contributions of a commercial or advertising nature. However, we we will accept editorial content from commercial organisations (for example, the memories of a shop owner)

Any questions?

If you need any help with material you wish to add email one of the volunteer editors

This page was added by Camilla Bergman on 07/12/2012.

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