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Page link: Terry Cooke
Terry Cooke
Doing business in the market
Page link: Harvey Gould
Harvey Gould
Covent Garden during the war
Page link: Ralph Gey
Ralph Gey
A dancer and a fighter
Page link: Noel Tobin
Noel Tobin
The noises of Covent Garden
Page link: Mary Ward & Eileen Kelly
Mary Ward & Eileen Kelly
Sisters' personal memories of life in Covent Garden
Page link: Carla Ferris & Michael Rakena
Carla Ferris & Michael Rakena
Early morning pubs, kidneys and bananas
Page link: Andy Parker
Andy Parker
Growing up in Covent Garden
Page link: Jeremiah Abimelech Snodgrass
Jeremiah Abimelech Snodgrass
Fighting for his home
Page link: Charlotte Bangma
Charlotte Bangma
A feisty housewife
Page link: Every Day Except Christmas
Every Day Except Christmas
A clip from Lindsay Anderson's iconic documentary about the Market
Page link: The Film Pygmalion
The Film Pygmalion
The 1938 film adaptation of Shaw's play
Page link: The Development Battle
The Development Battle
The Community's struggle to save Covent Garden
Page link: Community in Covent Garden
Community in Covent Garden
A thriving local population
Page link: Reverend Austen Williams
Reverend Austen Williams
A Covent Garden Hero